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Post by *SS* on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:38 pm

1. No double posting. This is when you post once, and before anyone posts agian, you reply under your own last comment. This lets other people get the chance to post, and keeps people from spamming.

2. No giving out any last names, phone numbers, adresses, ect. This can Lead to people hacking your computor, getting account passwords, and other things we dont want to happen.

3. No harrassing members, cursing, flaming. Nobody wants to be hurt, and its not good to be rude or mean.

4. Do not ask any staff member a question about the forums, before checking the FAQ and searching. Most of the Staff is busy and would appreciate it if you helped us out, by giving us a little less work.

5. Don't get mad at any of the staff. This would be arguing, rude words, and other hurtful/ wrong things. Although dont be afraid to politely disagree, and the staff should be kind back.

6. Always post in the correct forum. We do not want spam put in a random forum, where it does not belong.

7. No chat Speak, The only chat Speak allowed is lol, because that is not hard to understand. Chat speak is like another language, and many people dont know what some things mean. This helps people to understand everything people say.

8. No Spamming. This is when you post for no good reason. If you do this I may remove your rank, and even ban you if it continues.

9. Do not ask to become a Global Mod, Mod, or any other staff member. If you show good content and activity on the forums, I will come to you. You must apply to become any staff member first.

10. Do not advertise your own websites/forums here. There may be places for that, but do not just post them anywere.

11. Do not Correct The Admins. They work really hard on this forum, trying to keep it fun and safe. If they make a mistake, let it go. This goes for Staff too!

12. Do not Backside Mod. This is acting like a Mod when you arent one. You are allowed to report bad behavior to staff, just dont correct it.

13. Do not Use all Capitals in a message. It is fine to have one word in all Caps, but the whole thing just looks like your shouting. We dont want users to feel like they are being yelled at

14. Do not Use Red Text. This is a color for Staff only, in Post Edits, and in warnings, and anything else a staff member thinks it is necasary to be used in

15. Do not Ask for peoples personal information such as Adress, phone numbers, passwords, ect. If you are caught doing this, you will automatically be Deleted from the forum, and most likely have your IP adress blocked.

16. Please use your best english. Nobody likes reading a message that makes no scence, or doesnt include proper periods, question marks, capitals, ect.

17. No more than 3 smilies in a post. It is very annoying to see 70 smilies in one message, when it is unneeded.

18. Do not use more than 1 exclamation point in a title or sentence. It makes your post unprofessinal and looks like shouting.

19. Do not make more than 1 forum account. There is no need for more than 1 here. If you want to change your username, do that in your profile.

20. Do not make an account on this forum impersonating any staff member. This will lead to an automatic deletion of that account, and your old account will get a warning. We can trace IP adresses you know.

21. Do not post in a topic that hasn't been posted in for 2 weeks or longer, unless you really need to. These are considered old. If they are brought back up, they will be lcoked.

22. Do not post a topic that has already been created, or your new topic will be locked.

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